Combo Pilling...Is it Dangerous or Effective?

Health Researchers Tackle the Controversial
New Weight-loss Craze.

Hollywood Stars are using combinations of diet pills (combo pilling) to achieve ultra-rapid weight loss.

Doctors worry the practice could result in losing weight TOO quickly.

From: Combo Pilling Research Center
Saturday 11:22 AM

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This was seen recently in WOMAN'S WORLD magazine:

woman's world combopilling

"Ever wonder how Hollywood starlets get so fast?

It could be "Combo Pilling" the uber-trendy, "underground" practice of combining two or more diet pills to create "supercharged" weight loss."

What is Combo Pilling?

Combo Pilling is the act of taking two or more diet pills with the goal of achieving more effective and faster weight loss than with just one product alone.

The idea is that the combination of products is more effective or that one diet pill will offset negative side effects of another. For example, one diet pill that increases the metabolism might also cause jitters. So those effects are offset by a different diet pill that reduces stress.

In our own testing, we have found combo pilling to be extremely effective at generating ultra rapid weight loss.

Doctors are worried...

But doctors worry practitioners of combo pilling may be losing weight too quickly. They also worry that people may not be getting adequate nutrition.

We agree with the doctors about the nutrition point, but losing weight too quickly with combo pilling is something we don't agree with in all cases.

Combo Pilling is Not for Everyone

Every person is different. Everyone who wants to lose weight cannot be put into the same category. Some people want to lose 30 pounds and they weigh 200.

That person is in a completely different situation than someone who might be abusing the process by trying to lose 30 pounds when they only weigh 140 to start with.

Combo pilling like any other weight loss program should be done with care and wisdom. Anyone who undertakes to lose weight with combo pilling should be very aware of what their body is telling them. They should not take more than the number of pills the directions indicate. They should also be sure to get appropriate nutrition from foods and dietary supplements.

Combo Pilling and Nutrition

Combo pilling with just a metabolism booster and a mood stabalizer can be semi-effective and a person can still be hungry enough to eat healthy foods.

But using a Maxiimum Combo Pilling system that includes an appetite suppresant can lead to the malnutrition that doctors worry about.

That's why we also conducted research into vitamin and mineral supplements.

We found that a maximum combo pilling system for weight loss when combined with high-quality dietary supplementation with the best vitamins and minerals gave very safe and effective weight loss that was astonishingly quick.

3 Combo Pilling Case Studies

Here are 3 combo pilling case studies for you to review. You'll notice that all three of them are very similar. All three subjects were at least 30 pounds overweight. All three did not exercise. All three did not change their diet significantly. All three lost a LOT of weight VERY quickly.

combopilling before after 1

NAME: Betty Franko

AGE: 37





END DATE: August 12

PRODUCTS USED: Colon Cleanser, Metabolism Booster, Stress Reliever, Appetite Suppressant, Fat Binder, Carb Blocker

CHANGES TO DIET: Minor, Added special drink

EXERCISES DONE: Occasional short walks


combopilling before after 2

NAME: Colleen Farnsworth

AGE: 26





END DATE: October 30

PRODUCTS USED: Colon Cleanser, Metabolism Booster, Stress Reliever, Appetite Suppressant, Fat Binder, Carb Blocker, Thermogenic Activator, Thyroid Support

CHANGES TO DIET: Minor, Added special drink




combopilling case study 3

NAME: John Johnson

AGE: 48




START DATE: October 1

END DATE: November 9

PRODUCTS USED: Colon Cleanser, Metabolism Booster, Stress Reliever, Appetite Suppressant, Fat Binder, Carb Blocker, Thermogenic Activator




Combo Pilling Can be Safe, Effective and Very Fast

So you can see that if you do not abuse the process by taking too many pills, and as long as you take good quality vitamins and minerals, and use the right kind of diet pills in your combo pilling for weight loss, you can have excellent results with combo pilling.

If you want to achieve maximum weight-loss in minimum time, you need to use all of the different kinds of products outlined below.

As always, when starting a weight-loss program, be sure to consult your physician.

To have effective and safe combo pilling, you need several different kinds of products.

1. Metabolism Booster
2. Stress Reliever
3. Appetite Suppressant
4. Fat Binder
5. Carb Blocker
6. Thermogenic Activator
7. Colon Cleanser
8. Optional: If you suffer from thyroid problems, you need a supplement to balance your thyroid gland.

So now that we've identified what KIND of products to use, the next question is:
"Which BRANDS are best?"

We have conducted exhaustive research into all of the diet pills on the market today. Unfortunately, not all products are created equal. Many are of poor quality, or are downright dangerous.

If you're going to do combo pilling, you need to use safe and effective products.

Our research has revealed that the very best products for each of the categories above. These products are not cheap. You'll need to remember two things:

  1. First of all, you're making an important an investment in yourself.
  2. Secondly, you'll be spending a lot less money on food, so in the end, purchasing the diet pills will actually be saving you money.

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You really need to be careful with combo pilling. You could lose weight too quickly!

You really could lose weight too fast. But if you follow the advice you will get in our bonus ebook, you'll be able to maximize the weight loss you achieve in the shortest time possible.

Don't you owe it to yourself to try today?

P.S. Combo pilling works.
P.P.S AND it's safe (as long as you do it the way we have tested and proven.)