St. Johns Wort


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Product Details

This product is one of the Stress Relievers we recommend for Combo Pilling.

100 Capsules

Price if Ordered Separately: $37.38

Price in a Combo Pilling Package: $31.15

Package Savings: $6.23

How to get the "Package" prices:

If you are building your own custom "Combo Pilling Package" and want the discount prices, just keep shopping until you have a subtotal of at least $100.

When your order subtotal is at least $100, you are qualified to enter the Coupon Code "package" in the coupon box when you checkout so you can get the Combo Pilling Package prices.

Orders with a subtotal of $100 or more also qualify for Free Ground Shipping within the Continental United States.

NOTE: If you order one of our Pre-Designed Combo Pilling Kits, they are already discounted.